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What to Expect When Scheduling a Windshield Replacement

When you first call to get a windshield replacement quote you will need certain information handy to give the customer service rep. This information includes the year, make, and model of your vehicle as well as any special attachments that are needed such as a rain sensor, a light sensor, a heated wiper area, an antenna, and more. The more information you can give us about your vehicle the better and more accurate your quote will be. Once you decide to schedule with us our technicians will call 30-45 minutes in advance before arriving at your location. It is important to answer this call; otherwise, your appointment window may be forfeited. Due to same day cancelations, we cannot guarantee your spot on the schedule unless we can contact you on the day of your appointment.

The windshield replacement process normally takes about an hour to fully complete. After the installation is complete the urethane will need at least an hour to harden and cure enough to drive the vehicle. Do not remove the tape holding the moldings in place until at least 24 hours post-installation.

Once your replacement is completed, our technicians can accept cash on-site or we can run a credit or debit card over the phone. We will email you a receipt when the transaction is completed. We use a highly secure credit card processing application to process all debit and credit card orders. If you have any questions or concerns about giving your card information over the phone please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Your Windshield = Safety Glass
Most people do not realize how important the windshield actually is to the overall safety of the driver and passengers of the vehicle. First and foremost a windshield was originally designed to do exactly what it says shield you from the wind. Modern windshields are designed to do much more than just block some wind. In the event of a collision, the windshield will prevent the passengers from being ejected through the front of the vehicle as well as help prevent objects from coming through as well. The windshield also stabilizes and supports the roof and sides of the car a great deal. If your windshield is cracked or busted, it can prevent the windshield from performing its duty during a motor vehicle accident.


Choosing the Right Auto Glass Company

It is very important to choose the right auto glass company to replace your windshield or any other glass on your vehicle. A good shop will let you know all of the costs associated with the replacement right up front in the initial quote. This is why we give you a quote over the phone which includes glass, tax, labor, and any moldings needed to complete the job. A good shop should also only use high-quality glass in all of its installations. Here at Auto Glass Atlanta, we use only high-quality glass in every one of our windshield and auto glass replacements, as well as high-quality urethane adhesive. Be cautious of shops that try to push you to use used parts that could be less safe and worn. We always recommend having the glass of your vehicle replaced with a factory equivalent part to ensure full safety and quality are achieved.

Call and schedule your auto glass replacement or windshield repair with us today and know you will receive the highest quality service and installation available in Lithonia and all of Atlanta.

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Georgia law does not really specify what actually defines a cracked or broken windshield. What we do know comes from the OCGA (Official Code of Georgia Annotated). Section 40-8-73 states that if a windshield is damaged in a certain way that the car is not to be driven. The subsections also say that you cannot legally operate a motor vehicle that has a windshield or back glass having a starburst or spider web effect larger than 3in. x 3in. In most cases, if the police observe this type of crack or any type of crack that is larger than 3 inches they may write you a ticket under the OCGA. It sounds insane, but this minor traffic offense is still considered a misdemeanor. Normally a fine of around $100 dollars is given for the first infraction. The Dekalb County Court website, for instance, states that the fine for this type of violation is $110.

If your windshield needs repaired or replaced, you can avoid costly fines by scheduling to have the repairs completed as soon as possible. If your insurance deductible is low enough it is probably a good idea to file a claim with your insurance company to offset the potentially high cost of auto glass and windshield replacement.

I need a car window repair . . . 

We hear the story every day. “I was headed out to work and when I got to my car one of my car windows had been busted out.” If this has happened to you, we know how important keeping your car secure and weather proof is. We offer one of the fastest turn-around times on car window repair and replacement in Lilburn and Atlanta. On most days our techs are able to pick up the glass at our warehouse and travel to your location to repair or replace your car window within just a couple of hours. This does, however, depend on where exactly your vehicle is located.

After arriving at the vehicle and assessing the damage, our technicians will vacuum up the bits of glass from inside the door and the interior of the vehicle. The keys to the vehicle are required when working on any power window repair or car door glass replacement. In order to move the regulator up and down and seat the door glass properly the vehicle’s key must be in.

Help! My window won’t roll up.

When your power window quits working it is an aggravating and costly failure. On most vehicles, the cost for power window repair is much higher than the cost of just replacing the glass. Most of the time if your window will not roll up or down and you can still hear the motor hum inside the door, the regulator has failed. If you cannot hear the motor running it may be a motor failure or a problem with the switch. Our technicians will come to your location and diagnose the problem on-site. Call today for a free estimate for your vehicle.